The word armor bearer appears eighteen times in the Old Testament…
The King James word armor bearer was translated from 2 Hebrew words. The first is nasa or nacah (naw-saw’). This is a primary word, meaning, “to lift”. … Some of [its] applications are to: accept, advance, bear, bear up, carry away, cast, desire, furnish, further, give, help, hold up, lift, pardon, raise, regard, respect, stir up, yield.

The second Hebrew word is keliy (kel-ee’), which comes from the root word kalah (kaw-law’), meaning, “to end”. Some of the applications of this root word are to: complete, consume, destroy utterly, be done, finish, fulfill, long, bring to pass, wholly reap, make clean riddance.
From these 2 Hebrew words, we can see the duty of the armor bearer was to stand beside his leader to assist him, to lift him up, and to protect against any enemy that might attack him…

The concept of the armor bearer will help anyone who is a part of the Body of Christ, anyone who desires to fulfill his or her God-given call. You will never arrive at a place where you do not have to submit to anyone. The Spirit of the armor bearer is the Spirit of Christ. It is the heart of a servant. 
1. To whom have you been an armor bearer? List the names of the people you have served in ministry. To whom are you currently an armor bearer?

2. How easy has it been to serve another? Are some people easier to serve than others? Why is this possible?
3. Looking, at the first Hebrew word translated armor bearer, nasa, take time to examine each application listed above. Where are you weakest? Where are you strongest? Where would you like to grow more?
4. Do the same for the second Hebrew word translated armor bearer, keliy. Take time to examine each application listed above. Where are you weakest? Where are you strongest? Where would you like to grow more?
5. When can assisting a leader be difficult to do? Does this have to do with tasks asked of the armor bearer? Does it have to do with any baggage these requests may carry with them? Is it easy for you to lift up another, even when they have treated you unfairly? How can we lift up others without being “false” in such situations?
6. How do leaders need protected against enemies? How do we know who their enemies are?
Do we need the spirit of discernment to determine which people are for or against our leaders?
Like everyone, I too have to deal with the temptation to get into strife, to refuse to submit in some areas of life. But the Lord has given me grace and I learn to call upon Him to trust Him completely to direct my steps. You too can be set free from rebellion, strife, and contention when you develop the spirit of an armor bearer.”

Think back to times of ministry when rebellion knocked at the door of your heart. Look back at times when strife and contention were a part of relationships around you in the ministry. Take time to ask the Lord to heal you from any wounds that may have been caused at these times. Ask Him to forgive you for any sins you may have committed in reaction to others. Release those leaders from any anger or bitterness your heart harbors toward them. Ask the Lord to give you the spirit of an armor bearer.

 Pastor Stan Smith


In the New Testament there no mention of any armor bearers or a spiritual covering. It's a charismatic doctrine. We only have one Armor bearer in the New Testament JESUS
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